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Who We Are


​We are a diverse group of successful consultants who work together to make your projects successful. Depending on your specific needs, the team can vary from one to multiple individuals, each with complementary backgrounds.  The goal is to ensure your final project is impactful and successful.  

Lynn B Doerr Consulting, LLC

Global Marketing and Communications

                       Lynn B. Doerr, Founder and Principal


​​Lynn has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and global health environment having worked in market research, marketing, disease management, and stakeholder strategy at smaller companies and at large companies such as Merck.   
She has worked across numerous disease areas and markets including cardiovascular, respiratory, women’s health, neurology, and vaccines while working with teams in the U.S., Asia Pacific, Europe, and South America.  Her work has included advisory board planning and development, hospital strategy development and promotion, and project management for product launches across several countries.  
She is a Subject Matter Expert in Influence Networks and Social Network Science, understanding and strategizing across  networks in the physician, scientific, and policy areas.  Lynn is an excellent communicator, whether facilitating focus groups to collect qualitative data or when leading customer workshops to build strategy and maximize integrating complex information into actionable plans. 

She holds a Master of Science degree in Marketing Communication from Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Missouri.  She’s worked in small companies and Fortune 150 companies for a diversity of experience.