Strategy = Action

How are you working your strategy?

It can be difficult to see the forest for the trees when you are standing among the trees.  Let us help you take a step back to see the big picture and map your journey to success.

It’s not one size fits all - we work with companies to create or polish their unique offerings.  Translating the complex into action takes experience.  Companies often spend wasted dollars on marketing and sales plans without a strong core strategy as a foundation.  Marketing and promotional pieces, websites, and social media messages are only effective if you have powerful messaging built on a strategic plan.  You want customers to be clear about what you offer and how you improve their lives.  

Lynn B Doerr Consulting, LLC

Global Marketing and Communications

3. Apply

When it’s time to implement the plan and execute defined tactics, we work with you on the best way to communicate the plan and measure success.

A Process for making ideas live

Outside The Box

Not just outside the box, outside the company.  Why limit your solutions to the thinking inside your company?  Look outside for a fresh viewpoint.  

2. Simplify

We dissect the issue into manageable pieces and decide the best processes to address each element. It’s all part of helping you develop a plan that is manageable and practical.

Value Delivered

What we do - Our passion is to improve global health with superior marketing and communications.  It’s that simple.  Often, that means helping companies bridge the gap between science and customer understanding, creating simplicity from the complex.  In the end, evolving science and better communication can improve the health of people globally. 

How we do it -  Extensive experience is our advantage.  We understand the industry.  Each customer is different and we listen to your needs to design solutions that address your unique objectives.  

1. Identify

We start by conducting a needs analysis to define the business problem.