Marketing and Communication:  Are you informing customers or employees with effective messaging and communications?  How can current offerings be improved to produce results?  What market research is needed to better understand customers?  Are you looking at markets outside of the U.S. - how can you effectively work across cultures for success?  Complexity requires a strong strategic base and consistent, clear communication.  We work with you to define and create the best approach for business success, mapping the path from research to results. 

Workshops:  Sometimes the best solution is to bring a group together for an opportunity to                                                        learn and create.  Our goal is to ensure the workshop defines an effective path forward to

provide a solution to your business problem. Workshops can be especially effective for                                                                  multicultural and international projects when creating a shared vision is an important

element for collaboration and group success.

Strategic Planning:  We guide you in the development of core strategy and the supporting tactics - strategy that is based on customer needs with actions that make sense and that you can deliver.  This often includes a research element, primary and/or secondary, to better understand customers, competition, or the market landscape.

Project Management:  Do you need an outside eye to identify the connections between departments and seemingly disparate goals?  With an extensive background that includes market research, sales, marketing, expert/thought leader engagement, compliance and regulatory understanding, and global market experience, we can effectively manage projects to a successful end.

Digital Marketing and Social Network Science:  While many companies focus on Expert Engagement, they don't think about Influence Networks. If you have a social media plan, do you really know how to leverage the influencers in your networks? Do you have a strategy focused on understanding how to use experts to inform decisions?  Do you understand the Influence Networks within your different customer segments?  How is information exchanged and what information is exchanged?  How do you create or control information flow?  Connections count and we will work with you to maximize your strategy utilizing Influence Networks.


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